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28 Feb 2005

Security at Home: Viruses & Worms

Microsoft's increased emphasis on information security encouraged them to release a number of security tools and information such as this page of advice for home users on viruses, worms and Trojans. It is one of the few sites to discuss Instant Messenger security issues.
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27 Feb 2005

ITsecurity.com's Security Clinic

ITsecurity.com's Security Clinic is the place to ask dumb or intelligent questions about information security. A panel of experts will respond positively to all but the lamest (questions along the lines of 'How do I hack X?' are either ignored or treated with professional disdain).

Great website for vulnerabilities and threats

A recent Secunia alert warns about the Bropia.M worm that is spreading a Trojan inside a PIF carrier file using MSN Messager i.e. an example of a blended threat. Secunia’s website carries a vast amount of news on newly discovered information security threats and vulnerabilities and is well worth an occasional browse, if not signing-up for their email alerts.
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26 Feb 2005

Typos lead to medication errors

Data entry errors were the fourth leading cause of medication errors in 2003, up from seventh position in 2000, according to a report by US Pharmacopeia. Perhaps robots can help? Perhaps simplifying the names of drugs as well?
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Security Information Management (SIM) software

Companies are apparently turning to "security information management" (SIM) software to simplify management of their antivirus, firewalls, IDS and other security systems. SIM products sit above the individual subsystems in the security architecture, just as Tivoli and similar systems management systems sit above the individual operating systems and so forth. Expect to see the best-of-breed vs. integrated wall-to-wall security products continue.
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New NoticeBored blog launched

We have launched this blog to supplement the links collection on the NoticeBored website - the idea being to keep a simple sequential record of the annotated links we add to the collection. 

The links collection is organized by information security topics: this blog covers a mixture of topics.

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