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3 Apr 2005

Scams dotcom

This site is a real eye-opener. It is a bulletin board system where people supposedly post information about bad experiences with various get-rich-quick schemes. Purveyors of said schemes then respond by justifying their activities ... and so the cycle continues. The net result (pun intended) is that the schemes get even more promotion and naive site visitors get inundated with conflicting information. The eye-opener bit is the sheer scale of ignorance and greed on both sides of the argument. Why is it that so many people believe they can make a fortune (well a few hundred bucks maybe) by 'recruiting others to join the program' or 'completing surveys' or whatever? Why do the scammers resort to personal insults against any of their 'customers' who have the temerity to complain about non-receipt of checks etc.? Maybe these people are just made for each other.

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