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10 Apr 2005

Whistleblower brokerage service

ReportLine, ComplianceLine, SilentWhistle and Shareholder.com are examples of commercial services handling calls from customers’ employees who wish to blow the whistle on dishonest/unethical behavior, fraud, health and safety breaches, HIPAA/data protection breaches and related matters. The Government Accountability Project and BlowTheWhistle support those blowing the whistle on wrongdoing affecting public bodies. Sarbanes-Oxley is yet another reason why organizations should take their responsibilities towards such whistleblowers very seriously indeed. Outsourcing this particular kind of service has a number of advantages. For instance, the call handling agency is independent of the organization and thus may be considered more trustworthy than insiders. Secondly, it builds a competence in assessing, prioritizing and dealing professionally with reported issues beyond the level achievable by an internal function. [We recently proposed the formation of an international not-for-profit organization to handle information security vulnerability reports in the same kind of way ...]
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