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27 Jul 2005

Data recovery hardware

An interesting suite of products from Germany protects key system files against unauthorized modifications. WatchIT presumably takes a backup copy of boot files and other key data from the disk. If the files are corrupted (e.g. by a virus) or accidentally deleted, the originals can be restored in a flash. Sounds ideal for classroom and many corporate situations where users have a tendency to corrupt their own systems from time to time.
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  1. I am a biomedical researcher, and when the hard-drive on my laptop recently failed due to a mechanical malfunction, I lost almost one-year worth of valuable data. Estimates for recovery were in the range of US $800-2500. I downloaded multiple do-it-yourself data recovery program. one of them is Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software & Services.Please give ur view regarding this software...

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  2. I suggest a powerful data recovery software - EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard.

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