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21 Jul 2005

Sazo GPS/GSM location

Sazo is an interesting low-cost product line from a UK company that uses GPS or GSM signals to locate Sazo devices. They are being marketed for concerned parents to track and communicate with their children, and for similar personal-location applications. The technology may also prove useful for tracking stolen vehicles or PCs or other valuables (although it would of course need to be modified slightly so as not to need the thief to acknowledge the location request message!).
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  1. I saw this at the independent living exhibition. Looks great and very small, Would not think it could be so small.

    Their new GPS unit is now smaller and more accurate.

  2. I can not praise the sazo enough.
    I purchased this device for my teenage daughter,who was attacked by a group of other teenagers,the police would not get involved as it was my daughters word against theirs. My daughter was being approuched by these bullies every day. I could not concentrate at work,after knocking on all the doors,i.e. education authorities,police,school etc...all doors were shut. I started to take time of work to collect and drop off my daughter but needed to find a solution because I could not do this forever. A friend at work introduced me to this product, my friend had bought one for her daughter who had been stalked by her ex. I really appreciate this technology, a mobile phone was no good too me and my daughter because it was not fast,discrete and teenagers are at a higher risk of getting mugged if they carry a mobile phone, the teenagers around this area often get stopped and searched by other teenagers, you probably dont know this they will never tell you.My children all have mobiles which they cant use outdoors because they might get mugged. That is what its like living in london. My upmost priority is my childrens safty because I love them. I recently went on holiday to france to my surprise the device worked there too,I got lost and used the device to pin point my location. Does anyone know if it works in spain?

  3. I went to Majorca in September I took my Sazo GPS it works over there.

  4. My mum recently took the Sazo device to India, to our surprise it worked there too, unbelievable. I knew that she had arrived at her destination, that she was safe and her scheduled trip was going as planned. I never thought I would worry about her, but going so far away to a foreign land I was concerned even if she is having a good time in the beautiful hill sides of Assam India.