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23 Jan 2006

Ed Skoudis on security awareness

In an interesting interview by Tony Bradley, Ed Skoudis said: "Given that many organizations have dramatically improved the patching process, we now face an even more difficult problem: user awareness. With targeted phishing and Trojan horse attacks, an unwitting user can be duped into running an attachment, surfing to a happy-looking-but-evil website, or entering information into a form that pops up on the screen. Such attacks represent a real threat to most organizations. And the real problem here is summarized well in that wonderful T-shirt: 'Because there is no patch for human stupidity' Our entire culture needs to come to terms with the risk of computer crime and how to identify and avoid its common forms. Pretty much everyone that uses computers has to learn about e-mail and website con jobs, phishing, Trojans, viruses, and other scams." Hear hear Ed!
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