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8 Feb 2006

Reporting spam

If you receive spam, you can do something positive about it other than clicking the ‘Please unsubscribe me’ or similar links (which in some cases merely confirm your email address to the spammers). Report it to the spam reporting websites such as SpamCop and Abuse.net (the latter has a lot of helpful information about spam) or forward it with the original header to your authorities such as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (spam@uce.gov). But please be responsible in this: only report spam if you are certain it is truly spam i.e. there is no possibility that you requested it. Our NoticeBored newsletters are only sent to our customers and to others who have double-opted-in to our newsletter mailing list. We never send spam - in fact, we are actively fighting spam. We really detest spam. Yet some people who sign up for the newsletter find it is being blocked by spam filters somewhere upstream of their inbox. That happens, presumably, because other users who use the Topica email system have sent spam and have been reported as such, meaning that our emails unfortunately get tarred with the same brush. We would be extremely disappointed if anyone reported our newsletter as spam.
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