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21 Jun 2006

The reality of identity theft

To Catch a Thief is a blogger's story about how her identity was stolen and abused by criminals a year ago. There follows a harrowing and involved tale of the steps taken to investigate, report and stop the abuse. The victim hardly mentions the anguish the incident caused but it's not hard to imagine being in exactly the same position. Right up front she mentions having sent her credit card number by email (doh!) and when she paid for some shoes in a shop, the shop assistant curiously went behind the scenes with her card ... innocuous acts to someone who isn't security aware. [Whilst you are clearly security aware because you are reading this blog, I'd encourage you to read the story and pass-it-on to your less aware friends and relatives].
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  1. Gary,

    Thanks for helping get this out. I'm glad you did because it led me to your blog, which is an excellent read and I will be back.