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14 Jun 2006

Spotting online auction fraud

I don't normally blog other blogs (seems a bit like cannibalism to me) but this time I'll make an exception. In 25 Ways to Avoid Auction Fraud, blogger Ted Richardson highlights a suite of 'things to be wary of' if using PayPal and similar auction sites. Despite the claim that the original blogged article was written by a fraudulent vendor and so might be suspect, the advice looks sound to me and well worth a read if you don't fancy the idea of you, your relatives or your friends being scammed. Do you know how to spot shill bidding, for example? Do you even know what it is? I don't have much time for blogging but Ted's blog is one of the few I subscribe to using Google's excellent blog reader. I'll list the others another time. Meanwhile, which information security-related blogs would you recommend?
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