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31 Jul 2006

Identity theft awareness materials released

If the statistics are to be believed, up to one in six of us has suffered some form of identity theft incident or attack. Thankfully, only a minority of attacks succeed but if you or someone you know has been through the horror of a full identity theft, I'm sure you will appreciate how important it is for us all to be on our guard.
There are lots of things we can do to reduce the risk of becoming victims, but the first step (as always) is to be aware of it, realizing that the threat exists and the impacts can be severe. If fraudsters can open bank accounts, get credit cards and run up huge debts in our name, we are the ones left with bad credit ratings and the nightmare of trying to prove we are genuine and they are the fraudsters.
The management and technical streams in the NoticeBored Classic module this month raise awareness of the control measures that corporations should take to prevent their good names being abused by the phishers and to constrain the fraudsters intent on defrauding our customers.
Additional awareness materials will be made available to the general public through the Global Security Week website this month to help those organizations planning their participation in the week leading up to September 11th. Please visit the GSW website or contact us for further information.
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