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26 Jul 2006

Insider threat case study

"The computer sabotage trial of a systems administrator who was found guilty of attacking the network he had been hired to protect at UBS PaineWebber is sending out a sobering message, and one that can't be stressed enough: No matter what network security you have in place, it may not be enough to protect you from one of your own. It's almost a clich, but one that many companies still do not take seriously."

[Good insider threat case study here]

"And O'Malley also says executives need to step it up when it comes to keeping an eye on employees who are full of complaints, or are on a bad streak with the company. "Sure it will happen again," he says. "And in all likelihood it will happen because of an insider They always say, 'Oh, he was a trusted insider.' Bingo! That's the problem. He was a trusted insider."

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