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Aug 24, 2006

US hospital laptop theft puts 28,000 IDs at risk

A Beaumont Hospital Home Care laptop was stolen from the car of a home care nurse, reports Metro Detroit. The nurse, a new employee, "broke hospital policy by leaving her access code and password with the computer". Doh! Data on more than 28,000 present and former patients have been compromised. "The best protection is to train and educate people who use this information as part of their jobs, to have an awareness of the things they need to do to keep this protected," said Michael Friedman, an attorney in Detroit who has handled several HIPAA cases. "It's not a sophisticated technological solution." Having covered identity theft in this month's NoticeBored security awareness module, we'll be moving on to mobile/portable IT and teleworking next month ... what more can we do to encourage organizations to invest proactively in security awareness?
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