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28 Nov 2006

Data protection in Japan

In Japan, "More than 71 percent of people worry their personal information will be leaked as a result of inadequate security measures, according to a recent government survey." The article summarizes an opinion survey regarding awareness of and support for Japan's data protection laws introduced last year. Judging by the large number of Japanese companies already certified against ISO 27001, Japan is taking information security very seriously but the Japanese populace is not yet comfortable.
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  1. We have a major problem with the Data Protection Act in the UK. I recently asked my company for a copy of my personal record, it finally came way outside the 40 day limit after numerous letters. Shortly I was sacked. I re-requested my file and lo and behold it was 4 times thicker! It also contained details of other people, new information that has suddenly been "found", names, addresses and inaccuracies etc. Obviously the company hadn't learnt from its first attempt.