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25 Nov 2006

Scambaiter interview

This Way Up on National Radio in New Zealand interviewed Mike Berry, a famous scambaiter, about his activities. Mike clearly has a lot of fun baiting the 419 scammers through his 419eater.com website, even getting one to send impressive wooden sculptures of Creature Comforts characters and a Commodore 64 computer ... but there's a serious undercurrent to the story. Estimates vary but thousands of dollars are thought to be lost to 419ers every day. Thousands of New Zealanders and millions of Americans fall prey every year, getting drawn-in like obsessive gambling addicts convinced that the next payment will secure the promised windfall. Mike has received death threats. Later in the podcast, Liz McPherson of the NZ Ministry of Consumer Affairs warns the public about falling for the scams and promotes the NZ Ministry of Economic Development's consumer affairs scamwatch website.

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