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25 Dec 2006

Congressional aide socially engineered

A congressional aide has admitted asking two jokers at Attrition.org to hack into his college's network and adjust his college grades. The jokers (who he evidently believed to be l33t hax0rs, except that he would have not the foggiest idea what those words mean) led him into believing they would do what he wanted, and in the course of the incident, got him to reveal his Social Security Number and other personal information to make their hacking job easier. The email exchange is very amusing: the victim had no clue that he was being taken for a ride, even providing photographs of a [secret] squirrel at one point to validate his location. Be sure to read the news piece on Network World that revealed the victim's details and printed his admission and apology for making a big mistake ... and led to him being fired ... but his 15 minutes of fame now include a Wikipedia entry.

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