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19 Dec 2006

When SysAdmins go bad

Information Week reports that "A federal prosecutor says the sentencing of a former IT systems administrator to eight years in prison for an insider attack should sound a warning to hiring managers that they need to be more vigilant about who they're putting in critical IT positions. ... The March 4, 2002 attack brought down about 2,000 servers both in the company's data center, as well as in branch offices around the country. The financial giant reported that simply cleaning up the mess and getting back online cost UBS more than $3.1 million. ... Duronio [the guilty party] has a criminal record that includes charges of burglary and assault. A presentencing report from the Probation Office in U.S. District Court also lists charges against Duronio from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. ... A spokeswoman for UBS said that when Duronio was hired in 1999, the company only ran background checks on a select number of people. Duronio was not one of them". Background checks aren't perfect but, in this case at least, should have raised concerns about the candidate prior to his employment in such a responsible position. The attack was sparked by Duronio getting a $15k lower than expected bonus in the aftermath of 911.

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