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21 Mar 2007

Customer privacy 'a load of rubbish'

The Information Commissioner has found 11 big-name UK financial institutions in breach of the Data Protection Act for dumping paperwork containing their valued customers' personal details outdoors in waste bins. The investigation was prompted by a complaint by consumer pressure group Scamsdirect, "the indepdendent watchfrog", tagline "Reddit? Shreddit!". :-)

Scamsdirect is promoting an innovative scheme to cut down on fraudulent loan applications: they are encouraging Brits to send their thumbprints to the credit reporting agencies so that the agencies can validate paper-based applications. Some fraudsters may just be foolish enough to send their own thumbprints prior to making a fraudulent application, in which case the good ol' British Bobbies should have little trouble proving the fraudsters' identities ... Well, we can but hope.

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