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19 Mar 2007

The State of Malware

The State of Malware is not, in fact, the name of some obscure far-off land where computers misbehave but the title of a free SANS webcast on Wednesday March 21st,1:00 PM EDT (1700 UTC).

Over the course of the past two years, information technology has seen
some amazing advances. Unfortunately, malware authors are keeping pace
with the industry. This webcast will reveal what's really going on "out
there" - from sophisticated phishing "worms" to a disturbing increase
in Trojans, extensive bot networks and new polymorphic viruses. Methods
of distribution are changing, too. For example, new Web technologies
are making it easier than ever to disseminate malware. So what can we
do? The webcast will also cover methods of detection and prevention,
including behavioral analysis and site reputation.

You need a free SANS portal account and either Real Audio Player or Windows Media Player to access this SANS webcast and the archive of past webcasts.

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