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3 Apr 2007

Spin the Wheel of Security Fortune

In a reminder about next week's Health Information Privacy and Security Week, Rebecca Herold (distinguished author of the best book on security awareness) mentions a security awareness idea I hadn't heard of before:

I loved doing awareness activities when I was responsible for information security and privacy for a large financial company; what a great creative outlet, and a nice change of pace from fighting information security fires! One year we set up a "Wheel of Security Fortune" outside the cafeteria for international computer security day. As people entered or left they would spin this huge wheel, and answer a question for the topic the clicker-pointer landed on. The questions incorporated our information security policy requirements and presented them in a way that related to work responsibilities and performing daily business. They were of varying degrees of difficulty and we gave prizes of various sizes for correct answers; from candy-wrapped mints with a picture of our information security mascot on it all the way up to a gift certificate to the cafeteria for a full meal. This was a great success; well-received, plus we were able to establish some metrics based upon the participation and percentage of correct answers for how aware our personnel were about the various information security topics.

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