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24 Jun 2007

EDPACS - The EDP Audit, Control, and Security newsletter

Now in its 35th year, EDPACS is the world's longest running IT audit newsletter. Published monthly, the newsletter supports the audit and control community with highly-regarded guidance in the fields of audit, control, and security. In addition, EDPACS regularly explores current and emerging issues around IT governance.

Unlike most of the glossies in this field, EDPACS is a peer-reviewed professional journal which means high quality articles with next to no marketing spin and fluff. All meat and no fat makes for good brain food.

Disclaimer: my pal Dan Swanson is EDPACS' new Editor in Chief and I'm on the editorial board. I'm just putting the finishing touches to an article on computer auditing for submission to EDPACS shortly and, yes, my piece has been reviewed and improved by Dan and the other editors just like anyone else's.

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