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28 Jun 2007

Top ten infosec issues with hints as to the solutions

In a previous posting I mentioned that I get value from various online communities of information security professionals.

One I joined recently is ISM Community. I contributed a few odd comments to their list of top ten information security issues and occasionally chip-in on discussion threads that interest me and where I feel I can add something worthwhile.

Another similar community is the Security Catalyst - again, I contribute to the forum when I can spare the time, admittedly not as much as I'd like.

There are several others including those run by professional bodies such as ISSA, ISACA and IIA. Some of them are Web-based bulletin board systems, others work as newsgroups or email reflectors.

Last but not least is the young community of practitioners implementing the ISO/IEC 27000-series standards. That one I set up on Google Groups, linked to ISO27001security dotcom.

Which communities and fora would you recommend?

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