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15 Jun 2007

What the white hats are up against

In its usual tongue-in-cheek fashion, The Register describes the Black Hat world through ten features:
1. The Black Hats form a well integrated community that shares knowledge effectively
2. Becoming a Black Hat is a career option even for those who are not super geeks.
3. There are even specialist virus tools designed to circumvent specific AV products.
4. There are SDKs for the more advanced hackers.
5. There's a market for your data.
6. There are botnets to rent.
7. Some rogue websites are very subtly managed.
8. Good hackers know how to stay safe (they stay abroad)
9. The banking system has its channels
10. Not all businessmen are entirely averse to the odd hack (on a competitor)

In the sense of "know your enemy", the article presents an interesting perspective.

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