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19 Jul 2007

IT Security: The Data Theft Time Bomb

The 10th annual Global Information Security survey conducted by Accenture for Information Week compared responses from ~3,000 companies in US and China.

'Spreading security awareness' is the fifth biggest security challenge identified by respondents. Amazing! [To stage left: "Get their addresses someone, I need to send them a leaflet"].

In commenting on the data, the report's authors go well beyond simply re-stating the statistics. Their analysis warns complacent information security managers to pay more attention, keep up with current threats and prepare for tomorrow's.

"It seems as though security pros are missing the point, choosing to focus on the security threats with which they're most familiar as opposed to emerging threats designed to cash in on the value of customer data and intellectual property. A careful reading of our survey's results, however, indicates that organizations are waking up to just how vulnerable their customer information and intellectual property are to data thieves."


"Some security pros may be blissfully ignorant. Botnets, which can take control of IT resources remotely and can be used to launch attacks or steal information, debut as a concern in this year's survey, though only 10% of U.S. respondents and 13% of Chinese respondents rank them as a top three problem. This may be because companies are often unaware that they've been infiltrated by botnets, which is exactly what bot herders are counting on."

If you need more gen than the article provides, the report itself costs $499 or just under $12.80 per page.

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