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5 Aug 2007

Boys toys

Thanks to stumbling across a list of 101 cool freeware apps compiled by PC World, I've now got virtual sticky notes on my screen, I'm monitoring the temperature of my CPU and I've rediscovered Belarc Avdisor, a tool that interrogates the PC to find out what hardware and software are installed. Since I last used it, Belarc has evidently been upgraded to provide an assessment of the PC against the CIS security benchmarks. Nice touch!

Google shines in the PC World list with strong entries in several categories including Gmail, Google Reader, Google Blogger, Google Docs, Google Notebook, Google Picasa, YouTube (now owned by Google) and Google Desktop all listed. If free search engines were listed, I'm quite confident Google would easily top the list.

My favourite discovery in the 101 is a neat little tool called SyncToy. At last I can replicate the files and directories from my desktop on the laptop, work for a while on the laptop and then re-synchronize to put the altered files back on the desktop. It works well. Having never quite got the hang of the Windows' functions for the same thing, it's good to find a tool so easy to configure and use.

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