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1 Aug 2007

IT professional accused of hacking former employer

An IT professional has been accused of hacking into a former employer's server to 4,000 confidential documents:
"A press note issued by S. Balu, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Cell, said police had arrested M.S. Ramasamy, a 37-year-old software engineer from Avadi, on charges of hacking and stealing confidential and proprietary information from the server of Caterpillar, a US-based construction and mining company ... When contacted, Mr. Balu said the accused had gained access to the company’s server headquartered at Peoria in Illinois, US, using another employee’s user ID and password and downloaded over 4,000 confidential documents. A closed circuit camera had visuals of him accessing the server at the time when the files were downloaded. "

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