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10 Oct 2007

Creativity unleashed

Anyone who has been in a medium or large company for more than a few months has no doubt been subjected to the tyrrany of "team building" and "vision sharing" sessions in which ideas for unlocking employee's inner strengths are shared with the 'team' by some eager HR person or on-something training consultant. These can be great fun if the facilitator is full of life and the 'team' is in the mood for it. They can also be painfully lame.

Well, here's a shortcut - a wiki on creative thinking techniques. Explore the ideas in the safety and comfort of your very own private cubicle, with no need to disclose your innermost fears in public, play ridiculous rigged games, sing 'team' songs, raft whitewater rapids, rappel down a precipitate cliff in your underpants and generally make a blithering idiot of yourself in front of the office belle (or beau).

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