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19 Nov 2007

Singapore sling

Here's a sad tale of woe. A good friend of mine in Singapore is suddenly facing redundancy through absolutely no fault of her own. Her employer is simply cutting costs, slashing the workforce it seems without considering their employees' net value (i.e. business benefits created less salary and other expenses). What makes this really sad is that the organization in question is a bank that really ought to have a better idea of basic economics.

So, if anyone out there in Blogoland knows of Singapore-based/regional openings for a highly qualified and experienced IT auditor cum information security manager cum IT governance expert, and understands that value equation, do please get in touch with me (email Gary@isect.com). My friend has a CISSP (with the ISSMP concentration), CISM, CISA and 2 decades in the field with globally-renowned financial services companies. She is also one of the most gracious, friendly and genuinely committed individuals I know. It's hard to think of a better definition of "asset".

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