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30 Dec 2007

Awareness module

Offices are the “information factories” where most of an organization’s intellectual property gets created and processed, and a lot of information assets are stored. They are the knowledge workers’ natural habitat. Some of us practically nest in our cubicles.

Numerous information security risks affect offices, including IT/computer security and telephony risks from viruses, power glitches, IT/network capacity and reliability issues, physical security risks such as thefts, fires and floods, and process-related risks e.g. if untrustworthy visitors are not properly authenticated on arrival or are allowed to wander freely around the offices.

Despite us having covered office security issues in many other NoticeBored modules, almost all of the materials have been written from scratch for this one, bringing them all together in a context that most employees will relate to.

Read more about January’s NoticeBored security awareness module and get in touch if we can interest you in a subscription to NoticeBored, the modular security awareness service. Happy new year!

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