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22 Dec 2007

A Christmas present for ordinary computer users

Peter Gregory has blogged a list of free security software that is sure to appeal to "ordinary" (as in non-geek) computer users.

The only significant omission that occurs to me is online software security patching. Peter blogged just a week ago about a free and urgent security patch for Skype, perhaps not a good example as he chastises Skype for not publicising the patch. Microsoft Update is probably better.

Personally, I use Secunia's PSI (Personal Software Inspector) to track and stay current with security patches for most of the software on my home system, not just the Microsoft stuff. It does a good job for me but may be too geeky for ordinary mortals. What do you think? Is there a more user friendly option you'd recommend?


  1. Have you installed the latest version of Secunia PSI? They say they've tried to make it more end user friendly. I just installed the new version a couple days ago, and haven't made up my mind yet.

  2. Thanks for that Roger. I had missed the news about the new release of PSI.

    It looks better than the previous beta with some useful new functions but as to whether it would pass the "Even my mum could use it" ultimate usability test is not clear. It still looks pretty geeky to me but useful nevertheless.

    Cheers, G.