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10 Jan 2008

Having a bad day at the office?

An IT systems administrator, fearing that he was about to be laid off, planted a logic bomb in his employer's systems. He survived the round of redundancies but detonated the logic bomb anyway. Fortunately for all concerned, bugs in the code prevented it working properly. In court, he was found guilty, sentenced to 30 months' jail time and found liable for $81,200 in restitution.

This story touches on quite a number of security topics:
- He was a trusted insider who went bad
- Logic bombs are a form of malware
- His office/day-job gave him privileged access to the company's IT assets
- Weak change management process controls did not prevent the bomb being installed
- The logic bomb had one or more bugs in the program/script
- Nevertheless it sparked a security incident
- He was called to account for the damage
- There was legal and presumably corporate policy noncompliance
- The risk of recurrence presumably remains

All in all, a nice multi-purpose security awareness case study.

PS The official US DOJ press release about the conviction is dated "Dec 8 2008", an integrity failure to boot.

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