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25 Feb 2008

Malware awareness module released

We have updated and reissued the NoticeBored security awareness module on malware, one of our 'core modules' covering a topic that features heavily in all security awareness programs.

As part of the research to update the module, I've been reading lately about 'virtual malware' or, more accurately, rootkits that target not just the operating system kernel but the underlying hypervisor software used on virtualization systems. To those without a technical background, this may seem like angels dancing on a pinhead but to us nerdy geeky types, virtualization is cool and virtual malware is uber cool.

By coincidence, an article on The Register discusses a vulnerability in VMware, one of the virtualization systems. This could be Big News for anyone using VMware in a production environment, such as many ISPs for example. Various technical security bloggers are deep in discussion.

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