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23 Feb 2008

Plan B includes not being able to get to work

A former director of FEMA, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, promotes the value of planning for employees being unable to get to the office in an emergency.

"Everyone will tell you: I have a risk manager, a safety manager, we have contingency plans in place for their business. What plans do they have in place for the workforce? Because if those people cant get to work, those other plans dont do them any good. One of the things that federal government does and state government does is they really try to drive home this concept of being prepared at home. I think businesses should do the same thing, regardless of the size. The better prepared employees are in the neighborhood they live in, the more likely they are to get back to work quicker, the more likely they are to be more loyal to you because youve helped them be more prepared in the neighborhood where they live."

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