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11 May 2008

ISC2 blog launched

(ISC)2, the organization behind SSCP, CISSP and CISSP-concentration certifications, has released a new blog aimed primarily at qualified information security professionals but also relevant to those just considering qualification and in fact anyone with an interest in information security. I'm delighted and humbled to have been invited to join the blogging panel alongside a range of well known and highly experienced colleagues.

As the (ISC)2 blog develops, I expect I will be blogging less frequently here on the NoticeBored blog on topics that are not directly related to our current monthly awareness topic, moving those general interest posts over to the (ISC)2 blog ... so, if you want to continue seeing all these little pearls of wisdom plus others from the erudite (ISC)2 blogging panel, please subscribe to the (ISC)2 blog as well as this one. It's free, of course, and easy to track through blog aggregators such as Bloglines.

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