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21 May 2008

"Password protected" again

The BBC reported that over 38,000 patients' confidential health records have gone missing on a backup tape from an NHS Health Centre on the Isle of Wight. The tape was lost by a courier firm en route back to the centre after having been checked for integrity. Though the centre was clearly concerned about data integrity, confidentiality seems to have been further down their priority list:

"The risk of the tape being misused is extremely small," the trust spokesman added. "The tape requires specialist computer equipment to run it and the data is password-protected. Highly advanced computer skills and/or access to a specialist programme only normally used by GPs and the data verification company are needed to make any sense of the information on the tape."

The 'specialist computer equipment' is presumably some sort of tape drive. OK, so it's not the kind of thing that everyone has laying around in their bedroom but some do, and specialist data recovery firms almost certainly have them. The 'highly advanced computer skills' needed to read the data are probably not beyond the average IT geek, especially a hacker with sufficient motivation to explore the tape.

But the real strange comment is that "the data is password-protected". IF the spokesman meant that the data were encrypted with a trustworthy encryption algorithm and a strong, long key, why didn't he say so? "Password protected" is normally how missing laptops are described if they don't use encryption. I don't understand how one would 'password protect' a tape.

So, this looks to me like yet another serious personal data breach in the UK, one evidently involving medical data that could well be more sensitive than, say, credit card numbers.

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