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28 Jun 2008

New awareness module on infosec risk management

We've just released our latest security awareness module on "information security risk management". The title is deliberately a bit ambiguous - in fact it cover mostly risk management in an information security context, plus a bit of information security management and a sprinkling of IT operations for good measure.

Identifying and managing information security risks is of course a key objective for information security managers. The module dispenses sage advice to managers and IT professionals on exactly what is involved in the infosec risk management process. For general employees, we emphasize the "What's in it for me?" aspect by drawing parallels between managing infosec risks at home and at work.

You'll need to subscribe to NoticeBored to see the whole module in all its glory, and receive another one each month. We work this way to encourage customers to deliver rolling/continuous awareness programs. It seems to us a month is long enough to put across the essentials of any information security topic (potentially in more depth than any other awareness program we know of), yet short enough to avoid everyone getting totally bored by the same old same old. Next month we'll move on to a new topic (information security governance), hopefully before the eyelids start dropping and the posters disappear into the background.

We're clearly passionate about our approach to security awareness but keenly aware that we don't have a monolopoly on the subject. Please email me (Gary@isect.com) or comment on this blog if you have other security awareness ideas or approaches that work for you. We'll gladly acknowledge your input if we take up your ideas, and maybe something more substantive will find its way to your inbox as our way of saying thanks.

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