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20 Aug 2008

Help for ISO27k implementers

Over at ISO27001security dotcom I've just posted:
- a 2.2Mb ZIP file containing the full contents of the free ISO27k Toolkit
; and
- a printoutable PDF version of the ISO27k FAQ.

Although they are already useful and generating good feedback, these are both works-in-progress. Further contributions to the toolkit and FAQ are always welcome. If you have implemented the ISO27k standards, are there policies, procedures etc. that you would be willing to donate to the cause? If you wish, I can help you format them to suit the purpose, for example removing any proprietary content to make them generic and adding a Creative Commons license. In return, you will be openly acknowledged as the contributing author in the material and on the website. Clearly, it is vital that you either personally own the materials you submit or have the copyright owner's express permission since they will end up in a public forum.

Visit the website or contact me (Gary@isect.com) for more info.

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