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Jan 15, 2009

"I like to learn something new, to travel, walk on a nature"

I can't resist re-posting this hilarious 419 scam fresh from my inbox, allegedly from innocent Natalya pictured above from the JPG attached to "her" email - I say "her" because the sender was listed as Frederick somebody, hardly a common ladies' name where I come from!

Hi! I ask you to read this letter, it will not borrow a lot of your time. This letter not
advertising, but this letter from usual Russian woman which wishes to meet the man of she dream...
My name is Natalya. I'm 28 years old. My friends speak, that I - very cheerful and sociable woman
and I have good sense of humour. I like to learn something new, to travel, walk on a nature. But
unfortunately, I did not manage to meet the man to which I could trust, be very close with him and love
At my age it is time to me to reflect on family, children. But all men whom I met, did not concern
to this seriously. Therefore I have decided to try to find the man in other country. I have addressed in
agency of acquaintances and to me have offered to dispatch my letter, I have agreed... If there is even
one chance from thousand, I am ready... I believe... I so would like to give my heart, the love my
favourite person.

If you have read my letter and wish to continue dialogue, write on mine e-mail: natalyakorobkova@googlemail.com

If you will write to me only for game or to receive my photos, I ask you to stop it.
If you have decided to answer my letter, I ask you tell about yourself. It will be interesting to
me to know about you more.
What is your name?
How old are you? Your city.
Would you like to meet the woman for love?
So, I finish the letter, thanks, that you have read it. I hope, that I shall receive the answer
from you. And this hope allows me to look at the world in another way...
Please be in earnest to my letter very much. Also be fair.

I wish you good day.
Good day to you. Go forth and multiply, Natalya.

POSTSCRIPT 15th January 2009: a British man has lost £130,000 to Nigerian 419 scammers.