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29 Jan 2009


Hi there!

We've just released an updated, refreshed and extended awareness module on malware, one of those enduring "core topics" that we have covered several times in the six years or so since we launched NoticeBored, and yet the threat is subtly different every year. As with the previous awareness topic, hacking, the most noticeable change lately has been the increasing use of malware for criminal purposes such as identity theft, spamming and industrial espionage. The days of viruses displaying funny graphics and playing silly tunes are long gone. It’s become much more serious, both for individuals and for organizations on the receiving end.

Malware authors are constantly exploring different modes of infection, creating new payloads and inventing novel criminal activities. Some malware modifies its own code in order to try to escape detection by pattern-matching antivirus software, or picks up new component parts through the Internet as the infection progresses (Malware As A Service!). Read more about the malware scourge in this month’s awareness module and newsletter.

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