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30 Jun 2009

New awareness module on digital forensics

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Dear friends of NoticeBored,

Digital forensics - the capture and analysis of digital evidence for
use in court - is an increasingly important topic not just for law
enforcement but for ordinary organizations and even individuals. The
forensic investigation of computers, cellphones, PDAs, USB memory
sticks etc. is a tedious, painstaking process involving the systematic
collection, storage, examination, analysis and interpretation of the
data they contain.

Digital forensics is a completely new topic for NoticeBored, our 35th
information security focus area so far. While we do not know of any
competing security awareness products that cover forensics, it’s a
fascinating topic for those who enjoy whodunnit thrillers or watch CSI
Miami. Awareness of the procedures and issues involved in digital or
computer forensics might just interest technical employees enough to
take up the challenge and complete the training, and should give
management the basic knowledge to be able to select and/or work with
digital forensic services from third party specialists or indeed the
police and forensic science units.

While almost all of the awareness materials are only available to our customers, the newsletter is available as a read-only PDF file

All the best,

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