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15 Oct 2009

Yet another inept 419er

Some Nigerian thinks I was born yesterday:

Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Message-Id: <20091014171244.7474f21fec20@kunde.business-light.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 19:12:44 +0200 (CEST)

From :The Honourable Officeof the Finance Minister.(FMF)In collabration with (CBN)Office.ATT : Honourable Contr(FMF/CBN) Payment Notification Update. In order to eradicate the fraudulent rampant extortion of money from contractors as transfer charges and taxes by non-exiting individuals and corrupt Government officials.I am obliged to reach you concerning the immediate payment of your fund by ATM Visa Card. Be- informed that this communication superside any other you must have had with any office in connection with your payment. Investgations reveal that you have paid some good money in the past as transfer charges and taxes which did not reflect in the bank treasury, that means officials concern have help themselves to the money at your own detriment. Now that your file has scaled their huddle and your file is on my table.I want to ensure the immediate payment of your fund by ATM Visa Card. You are thereby advise to re-confirm to me the following:Your full Name 2) Your Telephone and Fax number (3)Your receiving Address &Banking particulars. (4)Copy of your international passport. This is imperative to enable me confirm your informations and make my recommendations to Foreign Operation ATM Department of FMF for immediate payment of your fund by ATM Visa Card.Note:If your file returns to the cabinet without my recommendation you will end up not benefiting from the present batch of beneficiaries.PETER EZE,Minister Ministry of Finance FMFFederal Republic of Nigeria.Contact me via my private e-mail address;( petereze.eze@gmail.com)
The "non-exiting individuals" interest me but I'm not pleased my email address has "scaled their huddle", even if it does "superside" others.

Give it a break you idiots. We're tired of all this spam.

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