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23 Mar 2010

Novel money mule scam

Here's a scam I've not seen before, received by email:

Hello, My name is Raphael Scott I would be in your country for a seven days business meeting with 10 people. Do you have any vehicle or vehicles we could use during the period of our stay. The vehicle(s) would needed during on the following dates: ARRIVAL DATE: 23TH APRIL 2010 DEPARTURE DATE: 30TH APRIL 2010 Remember our movement basically from airport to hotel and venue conference, about 20 miles within the vicinity. Your duty is only to arrange vehicles and drivers that will contain 10 people for seven days. We would be happy if you could provide us with any of the following 2 mini buses , 2 sedans, 8 to 16 cheater bus or a Limousine. Let know a quote or estimate for the seven days. We would need the car with a driver. I would send a deposit via credit card details as soon as this booking is confirmed. I hope you do accept credit cards? Kindly email me if you have availability on those dates, also tell me the area you operate in your country. Kindly confirm this booking with the vehicle details and total cost for the 7 days. Best Regards Raphael Scott 28 Montague Street London WC2B 5BP +447011196388

I presume the intention is to get victims to launder credit card payments, as money mules, in much the same way as those lame requests along the lines of "I want to buy your products. Do you take credit cards? Please send me your prices ...".

I feel a bit sorry for those who fall for this kind of nonsense, but on the other hand some of them are just greedy and must surely know this is not legit.

Steer well clear.

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