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21 Jun 2010

Phish or chups?


Here's a little challenge for you: is this email a legitimate, if somewhat reckless attempt at email marketing by McDonalds, or a cynical phishing attempt aimed at McD's more gullible patrons?  [Click the image to see it full-sized.][And yes, it is safe to click the image in the blog, but probably not a good idea to visit the URL shown in the image.  Trust me.][Bonus marks if you checked the URL in this blog before clicking it.][Extra bonus marks if you are running a relatively secure web browser in a hardened virtual machine, and are not that bothered about clicking links ...]

I'm lovin' it.


[PS  "Chups" are what my Kiwi colleagues buy from the excellent "fush and chup" shops here.  McDs probably call them French Fries but they are about as French as I am.]

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