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25 Jun 2010

Physical security for coin traders

Replace "coins" with "valuable assets" in this item about coin dealers needing to protect the coins in their vehicles and the advice is sound - well maybe. Actually, the best advice is never to leave such attractive and portable valuables in an unattended vehicle but sometimes that may in fact be a safer option than carrying them with you, for example to a busy street cafe where bag snatchers ply their trade.

The same applies to laptops, PDAs and the other paraphenalia of modern life.  Don't forget that the value of the stored information may far exceed the hardware value, which is attractive enough in its own right to thieves.

Thieves who break into a car to steal briefcases, laptop bags and fancy electronics are going to be in and out in a flash.  They have no qualms about smashing a window, forcing a doorlock with a screwdriver, jemmying the door open or using a thin flat piece of metal to pop the lock.  Anything you can do to slow them down will help, while strong security is a deterrent for casual thieves.  Not leaving valuables obviously on show is arguably the simplest control - stuff hidden away is not going to attract the attention of a passing druggy.  And key to that is the awareness that your stuff is extremely vulnerable, so don't drop your guard. 

Why don't cars come with welded-in laptop safes or strongboxes, or at the very least those strong metal hoops allowing valuables to be secured in place with cable locks?   Answers on a postcard please.

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