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Dec 4, 2010

Business continuity awareness module

Business continuity in the title of December's security awareness module from NoticeBored refers to the central purpose of various forms of resilience, disaster recovery/business resumption and contingency planning: these are not purely academic approaches but serve to support the business in a very practical way, in times of crisis.

Making processes and systems resilient is an ideal approach to business continuity management if the organization can shrug-off incidents that might otherwise interfere with or stop vital business activities, keeping operations running without a noticeable break.  Disaster recovery and business resumption planning, however, start with the assumption that the business has unfortunately been disrupted as a result of a disaster, for instance if the resilience measures turn out to be inadequate in practice.  Contingency planning takes that line of thinking a step further, preparing the organization to cope with situations that are completely unanticipated. 

Find out more about December’s NoticeBored security awareness materials here.  

Gary Hinson

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