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22 Dec 2010

New awareness module on physical security

We've released January's awareness module on physical security a few days early to beat the Christmas rush.

While many information assets are intangible (e.g. digital data and knowledge), some have a physical medium, existence or expression that is vulnerable to a variety of physical risks.  Furthermore, many of the controls over intangible information, particularly the IT systems that store, communicate and process most of it, have physical security aspects.  

The security awareness materials for January focus on the physical protection of physical information assets against various physical risks.  

Proprietary knowledge in the heads of key workers means they really are “our greatest assets”, so health and safety measures are relevant to information security.  We also provide a briefing on hardware hacking to catch the imagination of your IT people.  This topic proved unusally hard to research - I can only presume that hardware hackers are a rather shy and retiring bunch.

Find out more about the new physical security awareness materials available in January’s 100Mb NoticeBored module and, if you are not already a customer, do get in touch.  We’d love to help take your information security program to a higher level in 2011.  It’s time to up your game.

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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