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7 Jan 2011

Make them concentrate harder!

A counterintuitive result emerged from experiments evaluating the best kinds of font for classroom presentations.  Fonts described as 'difficult to read' presumably made students concentrate harder.  They scored better on subsequent tests than their peers using elegant, easy-on-the-eye fonts such as Arial. 

Of course it could also be that those 'difficult to read' fonts gave a welcome boost to the banality and blandness of most presentations.  We do our level best to make the NoticeBored security awareness seminar slides more interesting and engaging to stand out from the norm.  We mostly avoid bullet points, preferring images and mind maps to put across important information such as the relationships between parts of the topic at hand, not just the words themselves.  Where appropriate we enjoy using simple visual trickery to emphasize the most important bits, but most of all we research the content to make it relevant and hence inherently engaging to our customers' audiences.

Nevertheless, customers who wish to try nasty bold italic script fonts are very welcome to edit the PowerPoint presentations we supply, but please don't blame us for any adverse comments about it on your presenter feedback forms!

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

PS  Thanks to The Last Word On Nothing blog for bringing this up.

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