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26 Feb 2011

Malawareness module

We've just released the March security awareness module on malware.

The Stuxnet worm has been the talk of the information security, SCADA/industrial control and critical infrastructure protection communities for some months now: we asked ourselves what makes Stuxnet so newsworthy, and why are information security professionals so concerned about it?  Stuxnet marks the end of a period of naïveté if not denial and confirms, beyond reasonable doubt surely, that nation states have started investing in and deploying sophisticated malware for political ends.  The ability to control and update the worm remotely means we are facing new wave of malware, capable of changing chameleon-like before our very eyes to evade antivirus software, exploit zero-day vulnerabilities and attack new targets. 

Would you consider Stuxnet to be a game-changing escalation in the risk or merely a continuation of the ongoing 25 year battle against malware?  Either way, the discussion within your organization could be a worthwhile awareness exercise in its own right.

We have updated all of the materials in the NoticeBored module and written new ones, particularly on Stuxnet which may be a complex incident but illustrates some important lessons on malware.  Read more about the malawareness module.

Our topic for April will be the information security aspects of cloud computing and virtualization.  As always, please get in touch to suggest angles or incidents that are particularly relevant for your awareness program, or equally for a chat about the NoticeBored service in general.  We're all ears.

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

PS  The poster image shown above is available as a free PDF download ... but if you enjoy the poster and  feel generous, a donation directly to the Red Cross Christchurch earthquake appeal would be much appreciated by our friends in the area.  Thank you.