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6 Mar 2011

Mac Trojan

A new Mac Trojan has been discovered in the wild.  Sophos' analysts believe it is a beta test.
"Its functions include:
  • Placing text files on the desktop
  • Sending a restart, shutdown or sleep command
  • Running arbitrary shell commands
  • Placing a full screen window with a message that only allows you to click reboot
  • Sending URLs to the client to open a website
  • Popping up a fake "Administrator Password" window to phish the target"
While almost all malware attacks Windows systems, owners of Apple Macs, iPad, iPhones, UNLIX and Linux systems, smartphones and even Siemens Industrial Control Systems should not be too smug. 

Sophos' excellent Naked Security blog is also reporting a rash of malware affecting social applications on Facebook.  In other words, it's possible to pick up malware even if the technology exists only in the cloud (something we'll be covering in more depth in April's awareness module).

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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