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25 May 2011

The world didn't stop for Sony

Another news story of yet another privacy breach at Sony includes a handy timeline of their known breaches stretching back to mid-April.

The latest incident involved 8,500 user accounts at a Sony music site in Greece, which means its another database breach, which is what makes it newsworthy (along with the fact that it was Sony, of course).

Sony is a huge company with information assets all over the world.  Many of them are customer-facing, but many more are internal.  Sony is renowned for its business model of 'creating categories', in other words it constantly innovates, creating and launching hi-tech products aimed at satisfying previously unrecognized and untapped demand, and by the time the market category is wound up to speed, it moves on.  Perhaps we'll soon see the Sony Database Security Station hit the streets?

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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