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30 Mar 2012

Office security awareness

Offices are where most knowledge workers do our thing – it’s where we hang out, creating our stuff, pushing papers, processing information.  We mostly take our space for granted but have a quick look around at your own workspace.  Is your cubicle a paragon of security?  Everything neat and tidy, all sensitive information safely locked away while not actually in use?  Or is it more like mine - a mess, a dumping ground for all manner of paperwork, computer equipment and media?  Do you eat lunch “al desko”, dropping crumbs in the keyboard?  How many times have you spilt coffee and gummed-up your mouse?  Or is it just me?

Rather than inhabiting the rat-run that is the average corporate office block, maybe you are one of the growing band of road-warriors and home workers.  Your office may be a spare room, an Internet cafĂ© or airport departure lounge, or a laptop and cell phone in a car, hotel room or rent-by-the-hour serviced office space.  

Perhaps you are a nurse or a factory worker, using a shared workstation tucked away in a corner somewhere.  The location and type of office does of course affect the nature and significance of the security risks, but through the NoticeBored office security awareness materials this month we emphasize the common factors and generic security controls that apply to most.

Gary (Gary@isect.com)

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